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3/๓ from Koh Lanta

Scene-setter: Get yer Thai pop on. Pound-the-table recommendation: Sleep in a tent! Amongst the trees! Relax Bay Resort is pretty resort-y with lots of Northern European families taking their terribly civilized parental leave (that’s 59 weeks at 80% pay, according to our Norwegian friends), but what sets it apart are the two tent rooms. Is glamporous a word? Back-pocket fact: Several times a day, you’ll hear the beautiful Thai muezzin call throughout the island. Koh Lanta is an ethnographic melting pot whose inhabitants are descended from Thai Chinese, Thai Muslims, and “sea gypsies.”

8 Things We Learned on Koh Lanta, Thailand

1. There are definitely more Danish people on Koh Lanta than there are in a midsized Danish city, but none of them seem particularly interested in discussing Borgen with us, despite our best efforts. Us, loudly, over dinner, sitting between a handsome Danish gay couple and a family of five: “But the demands of being statsministre give Birgitte some significant leeway in her marriage, no?” …Anyone? 2. That sweet little bird merrily flitting about at dusk? It’s a bat. 3. Food is not the thing here—too many tourists who just want a burger or pad thai. When you find a good restaurant (like the fittingly named Beautiful Restaurant), you will go there often. 4. If you’re new to scooters, it can be a bit difficult getting the hang of turning. But Koh Lanta’s winding streets are a great place to master it; shuttle vans, bicycles, cars, pedestrians, and motor bikes share the roads in a patient harmony that only island life can bring. 5. When older white people really commit to Beach Life, their skin …