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While on Easter Island, we drove our rented ATV up the steep slopes of Rano Kau, a volcano near the main town of Hanga Roa. We came around a bend and eyed a dude ahead of us, running at a quick clip. Blake pulled up beside him. “Sir, are you okay? Is someone chasing you? Are you in distress?” He looked confused, and only at that point did we realize he was running by choice—jogging, if you will. It takes all kinds. We, meanwhile, strictly limited our running to once a location in order to bring you our trip in roughly 90 seconds:

MACKS Approved: Melbourne, Australia

Per usual, click on through for the full Google map. And a big thanks to Paul and Pat for squiring us around their fabulous city. 1. Belle’s Hot Chicken: We were served Memphis hot chicken by a Japanese waitress in Melbourne, so we’re basically living in that Coke commercial. At the moment, Australians are hot on the foods of the American South, so naturally, enter this slick but casual hot chicken joint on Gertrude in Fitzroy, the geographical center of cool in Melbourne. 2. Le Bon Ton: This massive American-owned indoor-outdoor bar-restaurant is inspired by New Orleans, with classic cocktails and oysters until late. See above re: Southern food in Melbourne. But the “pitchers” of beer are actually milk jugs, which makes them hella expensive, and the “American” servers are actually Canadian, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Otherwise good. 3. Bluebird Espresso: Best flat white we had in all of Australia and New Zealand, and that is saying something. If the coffee is a ten, the food, service, and room are sevens, which …

3 from Melbourne

Scene-setter: There is a Melbourne-based band of some renown called Something For Kate, whose front-man, Paul Dempsey, should really consider a career as a Melbourne tour guide if the whole music thing doesn’t work out for him. Here he is covering “Billy Jean” (with his solo project) right after Michael passed in 2009, a tragic moment we rehashed with Paul and guitarist Pat Bourke (that’s him on the right) over beers at Yellowbird Cafe, owned by SFK’s drummer, Clint Hyndman. Pound-the-table recommendation: Tim Tams. Original. Always and forever. The Tim Tam slam—wherein you bite off two corners of a ‘Tam and use it as a straw before slamming it down—is traditionally performed with tea. But consider eating them with coffee, since it’s the best version of itself in Melb. Back-pocket fact: Melbourne has the largest urban population of Greek people in the world outside of Athens and Thessaloniki…including the rest of the cities in Greece. Tie-in! Blake read Christos Tsiolkas‘ The Slap as her scene-setter, now an eight-part miniseries on NBC staring superdad Peter Sarsgaard …