Blake and MacKenzie wifed up in 2014 and embarked on a four-month honeymoon (excessive?) in the beginning of 2015. What they lack in foreign language skills they make up for in clear eyes, full hearts, and voracious appetites. When not traveling, they live somewhere between Brooklyn and San Francisco. Say hey at heywearethemacks@gmail.com.



  1. Aunt Nancy says

    Hi Macks,
    Of course I am living vicariously thru your blog…I look forward to catching up
    every night.
    I heard about this site today and right away thought of you gals..
    I signed up so I could check it out, and it looks like it could be fun. It is people that host you in their home for a ‘local’ meal. The one thing I noticed and didn’t like, doesn’t look like you can just browse places, you have to put a city in..give it a look, maybe there will be a place in your journey where it will work for you.
    It looks like you’re having some great experiences..I love you face Blake, sitting next to the kid let …
    Aunt Nancy


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