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The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway: Singapore

Chendol, pictured above, is an old school Singaporean dessert, so fittingly we got ours at the Old Skool Dessert House in Joo Chiat. Every Southeast Asian nation has its own tweaked version of chendol/cendol, but this one consisted of ribbons of creamy, coconutty ice topped with gula melaka, which is sort of like molasses but is derived from palm sugar. Traditional accompaniments include adzuki beans, green gelatinous wormy things, and larger, orb-shaped white gelatinous things. Like many Asian desserts, “chewy” is the texture of choice.

Ice kachang bears a resemblance to Hawaiian shave ice. Fluffy ice is drenched with syrups in flavors such as “pink” and “green.” Buried underneath you’ll find adzuki beans, more of those chewy white orbs, and, unexpectedly and unpleasantly, corn.

This pineapple chili popsicle was fine, but extra points for matching MacKenzie’s nail color.

We dropped 27 Singapore dollars at Sunday Folks, and we feel some shame about that. Each flavor of soft serve apparently comes with its own line up of included toppings (which is so not clear on the menu); however, if you want to select your own toppings and get, say, green tea mochi on your strawberry ice cream instead of wan-looking strawberries, you get slapped with upcharge upon upcharge. The soft serve was good enough to warrant a 10 minute wait, but at peak times the line apparently stretches for hours, and Sunday Folks is NOT good enough to wait for hours, a time-suck we reserve for Salt & Straw and Morgenstern’s only.


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