Chiang Mai, Thailand
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The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway: Chiang Mai


According to iberry’s website, “iberry is a compound word derived from ‘i’ which stands for ice cream and ‘berry’ that are small berries,” so that clears things up. iberry is less of an ice cream shop and more of an ice cream complex, with a central garden area surrounded by various treat kiosks, sculptures, and a gift shop. The whole experience strikes a balance between juvenile fun and Jeff Koons-inspired artiness with ice cream at the center.

Blake in her spiritual home

Blake in her spiritual home

iberry is owned by Udom Taepanich, a famous Thai stand-up comedian. Both times we visited, the place was crowded with tourists snapping pics by the many Udom Taepanich-likenesses, so Donnie and Mark should take note in case they’re looking to open a Wahlburger outpost in Southeast Asia.

(Donnie Wahlberg tanget: If you’ve ever thought, “I wonder who the NKOTB of Thailand is,” it’s these guys. At the very least they’re the 98 Degrees of Thailand.)

Back to the ice cream. It’s expensive by Thai standards, normal by American standards, and we recommend the tamarind sorbet. Highly.

iberry ice cream

Note both the tiny silver teacups for water and the amount of whipped cream…which is to say more whipped cream than ice cream…which is to say the right amount of whipped cream.


There appear to be a couple of these franchises in Chiang Mai and more throughout Thailand, but we can only vouch for the location in the Anusan night bazaar. Like a modernist cuisine Cold Stone, you select your liquid base and your mix-ins, and they proceed to freeze your single serving of ice cream on an anti-griddle. The ice cream is then spatula’d off in pretty rolls and packed in a cup. It’s shmeh ice cream, but the show is the draw.

Lady in front of Wat Phra Singh

She served us up ten tiny scoops of coconut ice cream topped with Smuckers grape jelly, and it was delicious.

Monk knows what's up

Monk knows what’s up


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  2. That video of the ice cream – so fun! Milo loved it! What kind of ice cream did you get?


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