Chiang Mai, Thailand
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3/๓ from Chiang Mai

Scene-setter: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives takes place in Isan, a region of Northern Thailand. It’s the only Thai film to ever win the Cannes Palme d’Or, and this trailer makes it look like way more of a suspense thriller than it actually is:

Pound-the-table recommendation: Do you have burning questions that only a monk can answer? You’re in luck as several temples in Chiang Mai host Monk Chat. “Our” monk at Wat Chedi Luang talked with us about his daily routine (being a young monk seems sort of like being in school, but with more chanting), attempts to learn Chinese (he’d like to practice with some of the many Chinese tourists who visit Chiang Mai, but they’re not interested in Monk Chat), and options for women who want to enter a monastery (Thailand says , but Sri Lanka and Myanmar are down).


His favorite food is a spicy shrimp soup.

Back-pocket fact: Chiang Mai is undergoing something of a tech boom, with foreign companies lured by the city’s tax incentives, skilled labor, and quality of life. In the backyard at Rustic & Blue, two British women were discussing the launch of their app with a couple of Germans. Coupled with the cold-pressed beet/ginger juice, it made for a very “Are we at Judahlicious?” moment.

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