Bangkok, Thailand
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MACKS Approved: Ari, Bangkok, Thailand

Since Bangkok is huge, we’re scaling down for this MACKS Approved roundup and focusing on one small neighborhood that you otherwise might pass by on your way to Chatachuk Market. Ari is filled with darling cafes, fixed-gear bikes, and PYTs in fashion hats. You can’t open a restaurant here unless pennant flags are part of the decor, which isn’t to say that we didn’t eat that shit up. Ari is a breath of fresh air (literally, cause there are trees) if Bangkok is starting to make you feel a little mad—meaning angry or crazy or both. Click on through for the Google map.

1. Porcupine Cafe: Patronized by local cool kids and ex-pats alike, this is the spot to grab a coffee or fruit shake while working on a crossword or your Etsy store.


Hipster King. (But, like, this is actually a watercolor of the King of Thailand.)

2. Hanazen: This tiny Japanese restaurant is supes cute and sells Hitachino at the low low price of 180 baht ($5.50).

3. FabCafe: Part cafe, part Maker Space, everyone working in small groups with their laptops.

A geodesic dome made of umbrellas outside Fab Cafe.

A geodesic dome made of umbrellas outside Fab Cafe.

4. Paper Butter and the Burger: This name, right? Delightful burger kiosk in a little courtyard off a littler alley.

5 and 6. Fried Chicken Guy and Pad Thai Lady: There are a crazy number of cute restaurants in this neighborhood—Salt, Marlin Café, and The Artwins were a few we passed—but they all seemed to specialize in Western food. And even though Ari doesn’t feel like much of the rest of BKK, that doesn’t mean that street food isn’t still the best option. It is.

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