Bangkok, Thailand
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The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway: Bangkok

These ingenious frozen treat vendors are all over the streets of BKK. Their equipment consists of a large, ice-filled metal drum and its lid, which has dozens of holes for cylindrical molds. Blake was all, “No way. Slushie at best,” but in went the sugar water and out came a popsicle.

popsicle lady

We opted for purple because obviously. It tasted like Dimetapp. In a good way.

Speaking of, you know how you always thought that grape-flavored candy tasted nothing like the actual fruit until the first time you had a concord grape, and then you realized you’d been living in a cave your whole life, watching shadows of grapes dance upon the wall? That’s how it is with bananas in Thailand. The blah-who-cares Cavendish variety we’re used to in the States is like a mealy, tofu version of the smaller, flavor bomb bananas here. They taste like banana Runts. This is all to say that the banana soft serve at Opposite Mess Hall was a revelation.

OMH soft serve

And then there’s the Bangkok street version of the ice cream sandwich. Soft white bun, two scoops of coconut ice cream, peanuts. Sticky rice is optional for fans of carbs-on-carbs.

sando lady

ice cream sando


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