Japan, Okinawa
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MACKS Approved: Naha, Japan

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1. Tailor: Hecka cute coffee/hang spot.

2. Tune Hotel: Clean and modern digs.

3. Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum: One-stop shop for history and art needs.

4. Booten: Solid noodle spot for udon and soba alike.


5. Ameiro Shokudo: Down a small alley off Kainan Seseragi Dori sits this tiny mom-and-pop resto with a compact menu and an adorable vibe. They’re open for lunch and dinner. English is limited, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the set menus. Your choice of entrée comes with DIY miso soup (customize the amount of paste you want to add to your broth!), some pickles, and, if you’re lucky, fresh tofu with a tiny pot of soy sauce.


momandpop  IMG_0898

6. Planula: We had an iced chai latte that was a total treat. You could have coffee, tea, food, or a cocktail.

7. Ceramics for blocks!

8. Market lyfe

9. Vita Smoothies: Smoothies, juices, and booths from the 70’s, in the best way.

10. Maxi Market: This photo tells you what you need to know:

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