Japan, Okinawa
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Games! Plays for Days in Naha, Japan

Just south of Kokusai Dori, the Starbucks-riddled main drag of Naha, run a series of covered shopping arcades where storefronts hawk everything from ironic t-shirts to “Okinawan baumkuchen” to whatever this stuff is:


There’s always a pig’s head.

There’s lots to eat and lots to buy, but also GAMES. We love games. We love *winning* games.

There’s the table tennis cafe:


Blake edged out MacKenzie, disgrace to her ancestors. (Also, tile pattern interplay.)

And the arcade, filled with gamer boys. Some things are the same the world over. Check out this button masher:

And the pachinko parlor, filled with slightly older gamer boys and so loud that we wore earplugs in order to play a round. The machine we fed 1000 yen into bore little resemblance to the Plinko-type game MacKenzie remembers playing as a kid. Our modern pachinko machine came equipped with flashing lights and a video screen that linked our performance to some sort of anime narrative involving cleavage.


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