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Tsuboya Pottery Village: Naha, Japan

Okinawa is famed for its pottery and ceramics, and we are famed for going batshit crazy over a minimalist, handcrafted coffee mug. Our visit to Naha’s Tsuboya Pottery District—a single, adorable, gently winding street dotted with shops, cafes, and a small museum—was a trying exercise in personal restraint seeing as we’ll be living out of our carry-on suitcases for the next few months. (Why are they so heavy? What cruel magic has transformed whisper thin tank tops and, like, one cardigan into a suitcase full of sandbags?) Because there were these:


Anyone who knows MacKenzie knows about her weakness for tiny vases and bottles. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY.

And these:

Okay, these are enamelware, not ceramics, but we’ll still take the lot

Okay, these are enamelware, not ceramics, but we’ll still take the lot.

Our favorite shop of the bunch was this place…


…which featured plates, teacups, bowls, chopstick rests, and those lion dragon things in the traditional colors of red, blue, green, and brown. WE BOUGHT NOT A SINGLE THING. We are basically heroes. No idea if they ship, but here’s their info should you wish to, say, outfit your entire Brooklyn restaurant with Okinawan ceramics.



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